We, the management and employees, do our best to make and keep this night club 
a pleasant and safe environment for everyone. Please take note of our house rules:

1. The visitor agrees to comply with our video recording policy and in the case
of disturbances or accidents, the footage can and will be shown to third parties.
2. Management reserves the right to refuse admission at all times to their guests without stating a reason.
Our company is affiliated with Panel Deurbeleid - if you do not agree with our decision, you can turn to them.
3. Valid ID is required, the minimum age is 21 years old; people in groups can be rejected.           
4. Employees and security personnel associated with the house rules, general safety and
legal provisions should be respected and acknowledged.
5. You are expected to cooperate when we search for arms and drug possession (search and visitation); 
refusal to do so means refused entry. When discovering a prohibited weapon the police will be notified.
Dangerous objects such as weapons will be confiscated by the police. The possession and/or use 
and/or trade of drugs is not permitted and will result in arrest and seizure of the illegal substances.
6. Proper dress code is required; no sneakers, football shirts, sports wear, hats or caps
or clothing with offensive text. Access is denied to persons with exaggerated jewelry 
such as large chains, tattoos and/or piercings in the face.
7. Anti-social or offensive behaviour which includes sexual harassment, racist or insulting
behaviour in word and gesture (whether or not it is as a result of excessive drinking)
is not allowed and will result in refused entry or banishment from the premises.
8. Excessively large groups are not allowed and must keep clear of exits at all times.
9. In case of any disturbances, visitors are required to notify our security staff or employees and
not to attempt taking action into their own hands.
10. Customers allowed only; beverages are not allowed inside that are not purchased from Club Smokey's.
Drinking is only allowed in the bar or on the terrace (when open).
Apart from the terrace (when open), glass is not allowed outside.
11. Use of the cloak room is required. Toilets are intended for individual and toilet use only.
12. When Club Smokey is full, as per our license and fire regulations, we will have to refuse entry to all guests.
At such times we will operate on a one-in and one-out basis, doing our best to get you in as quickly as possible.
If you have previously been refused access, we reserve the right to refuse you again.
13. Individuals intoxicated by alcohol or drugs will be refused access and removed from our premises.
14. Aggressive or violent behaviour will result in removal from Club Smokey and the police will be notified.
15. Theft and destruction of furniture is prohibited and will result in arrest by the police.
16. Our club's sound system could possibly generate more sound volume than 91 DBA.
We are not liable for possible hearing damage or other adverse health effects.
17. It is forbidden to sell or accept goods from third parties at Club Smokey,
if we have a reason to believe you are suspect, the police will be warned. 
18. It is forbidden to smoke outside the designated smoking area.
19. Remember when leaving the building to respect our neighbours and not to cause a nuisance.
20. Club Smokey is not responsible for any damage or missing belongings.
21. Club Smokey is not responsible for any damage done to our company
that was caused by violating our house rules, municipal laws or police regulations -
in such cases you will be billed accordingly.

Inside this building the same ethical principles and values apply as upheld by Dutch law.
Every visitor must agree to these rules. If you violate our rules, you will be refused access or removed.
When committing any crime you will be reported to and arrested by the police and we will file charges accordingly.

wardrobe rules

1. Use of the wardrobe is at risk of the user. Part 9 of Book 7 of the Civil Code regarding "custody" does not apply to agreements between Club Smokey and users of the wardrobe.

2. For usage of the wardrobe, a fixed price of € 1.50 per item is included, paid in cash. Only coats and bags are accepted as items. Items which have content with a value of more than 150 euro, should not be placed in custody and Club Smokey accepts no liability for lost of damaged items with a value higher than 150 euro.


3. Smokey club is entitled to check the contents of an item. Club Smokey reserves the right to refuse expensive, too large or unusual items or items with a ( possible) prohibited , dangerous or questionable content . Customer indemnifies Club Smokey for damage caused by the ( contents of)  items that are placed in safekeeping.

4. Per deposited item a receipt is provided. Return of items is only made upon presentation of the receipt to a wardrobe employee of Club Smokey . The same applies to the temporary return of items. In the latter case, only a new receipt issued against payment of € 1.50 per item.

5 . If you lose your receip Club Smokey will, after closing or the end of the event, efforts to find that item. If no receipt can be shown, Club Smokey is not liable in any way for the consequences.

6. Obviously Club Smokey will endeavor to do guard and give back all items that are placed in custody. Club Smokey cannot guarantee that the items will at all times be returned (nor guarantee that they are returned in the same state).

7. Club Smokey is not liable for damage to the users items, except for damage caused by intent or gross negligence by itself or its employees. Liability for indirect or consequential damages is excluded. The liability of Club Smokey is at all times limited to EUR 150 per deposited item (including its contents ) .

Club Smokey Management